Volunteering with us


Volunteering as a football coach and / or teaching English at the caribbean cost of Colombia. Taste that sentence for a moment. Does it sound interesting? We think so! And we would like to give you the opportunity to do exactly that.

This is how you do it – fill out this application form and send it to fundaciongolesdecorazon@gmail.com! Alright, that was maybe a little bit quick. We’re gonna give you some information first – keep on reading!

Who are we?

We are a NGO in Santa Marta, Colombia, that specializes in football practices and teaching English for children between 3 and 15 years old.

Our goal is to help disadvantaged children through football in the outskirts of Santa Marta, and through this, we also teach about the importance of education. We believe that the kids should take advantage of the opportunity to go to school, and if they for some reason stay out of it, we want to help them get back in.

As of the football, we believe in working together as a team. The kids will learn the importance of working together, but also to understand that each and everyone has its own role in the team.

Football and English is not the only thing we do though, so if you want to do other projects, we welcome that! More on that later.

Read more about the people behind the organization here – and about our purpose in Spanish here!

What we are looking for

We welcome both short and long term volunteers, although you have to stay at least two weeks to participate in a program. This is for the sake of the children.

Of course it comes in handy if you know football, how to teach English or any other skill that can be useful for our organization, but we also welcome any people that wants to help out. Few things can beat a big heart and the willing to help!

We value persons that take initiatives and shows responsibility. Also you must be able to work both individual and in a group. That’s because the number of volunteers differs. You might be the only one at the time. Other times, there might be more.


As said, we mainly focus on football and teaching English, but there is a lot of different things you can contribute with! Construction of green parks, fundraising, helping out on social media, creating content or raising awareness among others.

We value innovation and are willing to listen to what you can offer. Let’s see if we are a good fit!

Read more about the different activities we offer and have done in the past here!

And what about taking a look at what we have done? Check it out here!

How to apply

Still onboard? Great! Now you only need to apply and then we’re all set. That you can do by filling out this application form and send it to fundaciongolesdecorazon@gmail.com.

Once you have landed your plane tickets, let us know the dates you will be staying in Santa Marta and planning on helping us. We’re looking forward to having you onboard!

Any questions? We’re sure there are! Does it cost money to volunteer? Of course not! That and many other questions, like if you need to speak Spanish is answered in our FAQ section! Check it out here!

Also, if you’re not planning on traveling to Colombia in the near future, you can still help out. We always need help with fundraising and publicity, and would love to work with you. For example you can help out with graphic design, organizing fundraising event in your home town or listing our work on websites and network around the globe. Please contact us if you think there is a chance you can help out