Volunteer activities / Actividades


First and foremost we specialize in arranging football practices and English classes. But, there is a lot of other opportunities for you if you have a creative mind. This is some of the activities we have done in the past!

Football practices

We believe strongly that kids should have fun and football is exactly that – fun! Normally this is a 1,5 – 2 hours practice in the morning and or evening three to four times a week, depending on if there are games as well.

As a coach you will have a big impact on which exercises the kids will do during the practice and how the team will play during games.

English classes

If you have taught English earlier – great! If not, no problem! We have had great success in teaching English to children around Santa Marta earlier, and maybe you can contribute the next time! Classes normally last about an hour and as a tutor you will help prepare the classes and teach and / or assist in giving them.

Creative work

How’s your photo skills? Are you blogging? Or maybe you are good at fundraising? Then we would love to have you on our team! We are always looking for networking possibilities and how to improve and promote our work on social media. And if you want to improve this website, please don’t hesitate contacting us!

Other projects

This includes, but is not limited to talks, nutrition classes and parenting workshops. Also, the foundation continues to grow and we always support new ideas and projects initiated by volunteers.

If you are into sports, music, dance or drama, for example, you could start up clubs for kids. Getting together with some other volunteers to organize a class excursion to the beach or a local museum is also always popular with the kids.